I have always had a passion for fitness , I enjoy setting myself challenges/ goals  and find satisfaction achieving them .. I take great pride in helping others with any aspect of training and helping them to achieve their own personal goals.
Circuits and martial arts are a huge part of my fitness regime , seeing my fitness levels increase and my technical abilities become better inspires me to push my training to the next level
I believe there is some kind of training for everyone to enjoy and I particularly take an interest in finding exactly what it is that will make my clients get 110% out of every gym session.


Level 2 fitness instructor

Favourite workout

Tough Circuits, Long distance running, Mixed Martial arts




Diet plans
Combat fitness
Women’s weight loss
Martial arts
Circuit training

Typical costs


Competitions or Challenges

2 Muay Thai bouts 2017 Thailand
1 k1 bout 2017 Fightstar
1 boxing bout 2017 Fightstar
Gym fit challenge 2016

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