Matt Hopkinson



My passion is that fitness and exercising should be fun. Do you remember that feeling when you were younger and scored your first goal or ran the fastest around the field? That’s the kind of fun and achievement I like to build into my classes and Personal training sessions. You can guarantee that they will always be a little different and you can almost expect the unexpected.

My journey into the fitness industry was through wanting to lose weight for myself. By dedicating myself for 20 weeks, I managed to lose around 4 stone, dramatically improving my diet/exercise and it was from there I knew I wanted to help others. I understand how difficult it can be to reach your goals, but I have the skills and experience to not only help you to achieve them but also exceed them.


REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

Favourite workout

One that is Fast, intense and passionate



Boot Camp


Pure Strength

Typical costs